Doing Zumba in Newcastle, Australia

I am originally from USA and have just moved to Australia. My favourite thing to do at home was go to Zumba. Now that I live in Newcastle Australia the first thing I want to do is check out the local Newcastle Zumba and see how they measure up to back home.

I booked in for a class in Waratah and could not wait, I was scared that it would not be as good as back home but I was also hopeful it might be better. When I turned up I got lots of attention from everyone there because of my accent, I expect to get this a lot, Australians love USA accent for some reason. I met the instructor and she was very nice, she introduced herself and made me feel very welcome. One thing I noticed was that the class size was a bit smaller to at home which I preferred but generally it was all the same. The people all acted the same and were laughing and having a good time like at home and really included me in all the fun. I got home and was so happy that I could still enjoy my favourite activity here in Australia. The things I like about Zumba are that you can get really fit and have a fun time dancing and also you can meet new people. I was nervous at meeting new people because back home I didn't have many friends. In Australia because I stand out it feels like everyone wants to be my friend which is a refreshing change for me.

One day I really want to get paid to do Zumba, I'd love to be able to be an instructor and have my own area that I can teach. To earn a living doing something as exciting as this would be my dream. At the moment I just work at a local cafe serving table which isn't very fun. I will do whatever it takes to be a Zumba Newcastle instructor. I wish I was from South America, I'm not sure if you have to be from there but I will ask my instructor on my next class. I would be sad if it wasn't possible for me to do it but I would look to the future and try get a job in a similar roll at a gym or local fitness club. Perhaps I could teach a body pump class or do something fun like that. All I know if I could working the fitness industry I would be very grateful. Zumba is my love my fitness is my passion. I could not live without doing my daily fitness routines. It's the one thing I look forward to every single day.

If I miss a day of exercising or Zumba it feels like I'm getting sick and I feel depressed. Sounds like a bit of an addiction but I think it's a good addiction. I don't let it affect my life in anyway so I think I'm fine. Zumba is one of the greatest fitness activities in the world. I hope to be an instructor soon.


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